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  • Tossal del Maestrat

  • This new collection of Tossal Maestrat offers a selection of superior oils and traditionally manufactured and provided with mechanical means. Each season we select the best olives of the typical varieties of Cordoba to prepare a delicious and healthy product fields. Among the varieties we use for organic version, highlight the Aviary for its uniqueness and organoleptic attributes.

    Tossal Premium: Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from healthy fruits. Sensory quality: Oil yellow / green color, fresh taste of fresh green tomatoes, spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste. Quality: 100% ingredients of olives. (Hojiblanca, Picual and Aviary). Without additives used during production and only mechanically filtered. Acidity: max 0.4°

    Tossal Premium Ecológico: Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from healthy organic olives. Total production from the fields to the bulk sale or bottling are overseen by the ASAC (Andalusian Association of Organic Production). Sensory quality: yellow / green color with fruity almond spicy and slightly bitter. Quality: Ingredients 100% organic olives. Without additives used during the production and filtered by mechanical means only. Varieties: Aviary mainly and a touch of other varieties in the area. Variety that can only be found in Luque and Zuheros. Acidity: max 0.4°